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The Elegance of Simplicity
Wisdom Teacher Sophie McLean's debut novel

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The Elegance of Simplicity

A Wisdom Teacher’s Epic Journey to Consciousness

This is the story of an encounter between two women: one in search of answers, the other having already completed her spiritual journey. Guìa, the profound, whimsical character in the story, takes us through her passage into consciousness from pre-birth to enlightenment. As the riveting adventure of Guìa’s life unfolds, you will become one with the knowledge-seeking narrator and find yourself on a voyage of discovery into the nature of human beings that will lead you to the source of all we know and perceive. In this compelling book, the ancient art of storytelling is used to communicate life-altering concepts that challenge our tranquilized obviousness and propose a simple and effortless pathway to awareness.

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The Elegance of Simplicity

A Wisdom Teacher’s Epic Journey to Consciousness

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Narrated by Sophie McLean & Karen Jacobsen

The experience of writing a book, recording it in a studio, and then offering it to the public has been an extraordinary experience similar to what I think an artist feels when he or she has completed an art work. But even better is people sharing the difference the book makes in their life, how they use it to free themselves and elevate their awareness. I wrote The Elegance of Simplicity because I wanted people to understand the ego and I rejoice when it fulfills on its intention. The role of Guia is voiced by Karen Jacobsen, a New York-based acclaimed singer songwriter and voice artist (and the voice of Siri!).

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L'Élégance de la Simplicité

Deux femmes, une rencontre. C’est l'histoire d'une rencontre entre deux femmes: l'une à la recherche de réponses, l'autre racontant son cheminement spirituel. Guìa est un personnage insolite d’une vulnérabilité attachante : au premier abord, l’histoire de son passage dans la conscience laisse le lecteur dans un état de mélancolie tendre et rêveuse, évocateur d’un temps où nous baignions encore dans l’innocence, état d’une personne pure qui ne connaît pas le mal et qui est incapable de le commettre. Puis au fil des aventures et péripéties d’une vie captivante, le lecteur est amené à découvrir les différentes facettes de la nature humaine, avec ses besoins de survivre et de se protéger, ses attentes et ses espoirs, ses peines et ses triomphes. La narratrice devient notre porte-parole, ses questions et sa soif de réponses deviennent les nôtres, et nous nous identifions à son désir de transcender les limitations imposées par la nature de l’ego.


I SO enjoyed having you as a guest on Working on Purpose to talk about your book. You, your life, and the way you have navigated it is SO inspiring!

- Amazon Reviewer

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