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The Mentoring Program


We are Building the Foundation for a New Culture for Humankind by Calling into Being Exceptional Leaders.

For 30 years, I have worked with over 80,000 students from all over the world, supporting them in disentangling their automatic egos. In my years of experience, I have come to find this method to be a swift transformational process, and have made it the foundation of all that I do. 


In my deep commitment to contribute to the healing and awakening of humankind, I have created the mentoring program. To participate, you need to hold one intention: 

The desire to be an Exceptional Human Being.


 An leader deals with many challenges, from effectiveness, inspiring others, team management, guiding change and more and many people and companies are offering support by giving tips and tools to get better . 


I am not.


I believe that YOU are the solution and that YOU already have everything you require. The only thing you need is to be aware of what stops you from fully unleashing your own greatness.

The mentoring sessions are designed to give you access to that power. 

They are individualized and personalized sessions to support you in areas of your life where you desire power, self expression, abundance and freedom. 


You can use your sessions to work through any stuck patterns, new or old challenges, sudden unforeseen circumstances, life transitions, or any personal issues .


You can book individual sessions, or you can book packages of 5, 10, or more. 


Please book an initial consultation call to see if we are a good fit!

Why Work with Me?

In 30 years of experience, I have seen and heard a lot of stories and experiences. I will hold a safe and confidential container for you to bring your life into view. With laser sharp attention, and by holding up a mirror, I will support you in creating transformation in your life. These are not sessions that will simply make you “feel good” and then go back to the same patterns. Transformation is the actual alchemical shift of one thing to another: a metamorphosis. This is what I provide in my sessions.


Here is a testimonial that speaks to that transformational process:


“The experience of working  with Sophie McLean has been pivotal. She guided me through an inquiry into my past that revealed insights that have shifted my view of myself forever. How I relate to my clients, the development of my business, in fact my experience of life in every way has been profoundly affected. The results have left me feeling exhilarated, with a new level of clarity and aliveness. Sophie is a master."

- Karen Jacobsen, Voice of Siri



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