Power versus Force

How to Produce Results with Power versus Force


A talk promoting Leadership and Responsibility


Having spent decades leading transformational seminars to over 80,000 people around the world, Wisdom Teacher Sophie Mclean is an expert on awareness.


What you can expect from Sophie’s groundbreaking methodology:

  • You will discover what all leaders should know about what it is to be a human being.

  • You will know the truth about complaints, winning strategies, and producing results.

  • You will be able to free yourself in the face of any difficult circumstances, whether personal or professional.




Through a clear and pragmatic process, your people will learn what is at the source of conflicts, confusion and suffering. They will leave with the tools needed to create a life of power versus a life of force.  


Inside of her conviction that it is possible to create a new culture for humankind, Sophie explains the design of human beings and gives you access to remembering who you really are.

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Sophie speaks and engages various audiences on many different topics: gender , women issues, integrity, leadership, relationships, responsibility, transformation , surviving versus being alive...

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