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We are Building the Foundation for
a New Culture for Humankind
Calling into Being Exceptional Leaders.

Why Exceptional Leaders?

A new kind of leadership, one of Greatness and Awareness can, and will, transform our existing culture of fear, conflict, confusion, and separateness.


We always reap what we sow:

Ordinary Leaders will call forth a Substandard Global Culture.

Exceptional Leaders will call forth a Remarkable Global Culture.


I believe that our world is crying out for Exceptional Leaders.


Many of us know that we are the originator, the chooser of our lives. As leaders in our communities, we also know that our own unaddressed automatic patterns, survival mechanisms, embedded biases, limiting beliefs, fears, and blind spots not only holds us back in our personal lives, but can prevent us from fully stepping into the leadership roles we wish to embody.

These unconscious patterns control your lives, prevent you from getting to another level, thwart you from leading with courage (from your heart), and keep you caged.

Surviving is not living, it is not thriving, and it is not leading with authentic power.

I  allow audience to recognize the trap of survival and give them access to ongoingly choose a life of awareness intentionality and purposefulness..

To Contact Sophie for Speaking Engagements, Click Below:

Sophie speaks to and engages various audiences on many different topics: gender, women issues, integrity, leadership, relationships, responsibility, transformation, surviving versus being alive...

 Do not hesitate to make specific requests.

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