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Awakening All Sleepwalkers eBook

This book is a guide. 


A guide for what, might you ask? 


A guide for the remarkable times we are living through. We are indeed participating in the most exciting, awe inspiring, extraordinary times of our human history. I am not an advocate of positive thinking by the way: I have a profound relationship to reality. I do know about the global crisis, the wars, the terrible famines, the climate changes, the overpopulation, the extinction of species, and the economic turmoil… 


Many people are resisting this evolution and, therefore, experiencing an existence of suffering while being stuck in the past, refusing change, and holding on to what they know. Denial, guilt, victimization, and fear are the ingredients that allow this condition of sleepwalking to persist. But there is also a powerful, irresistible current of awakening happening in our population, and being aware of it is the biggest privilege of my life. 


I am NOT speaking about enlightenment or liberation, I am talking about WAKING UP. When oneshifts from being a sleepwalker to being awake, the trees are greener, the air is cleaner, and the colors are sharper. Everything glows. It is this extraordinary feeling we all have after a big storm: the sun breaks through and everything feels so fresh, and free, and alive. That is our natural state, and it is time to remember it.

Awakening All Sleepwalkers eBook

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