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What is necessary for A new Culture for Humankind?

On one of our membership call , we spoke about the ways of being needed for the creation of a new culture for humankind. Here are the 5 distinctions we think are essential:

1- Integrity: distinct from morality, integrity is all, and only, about workability. It allows for simplicity and ease. When one can expect people to say, do and be responsible for what they say and do, when we are able to trust each other to honor what we say, and act accordingly, we will have created a solid foundation for a new culture.

2-Care: being caring includes compassion, kindness,generosity, and forgiveness. Inside of a culture of care, people needs are met. No one is left out.

3-Gratitude: gratitude must be considered as essential. Only by living a grateful life will we have access to joy (as distinct from happiness, which is dependent on the outside world) . Experiencing joy is the possibility of world peace, harmony, and the disappearance of anxiety. It allows us to be present to the mystery of life: beauty arises naturally.

4-Spiritual Awareness: being connected to who we really are, allows for our soul essence to be expressed in the material world. We know we are not from this world: we are incarnated in this world, a temporary player in the game of life. Spiritual awareness includes curiosity, the experience of oneness, intuition, valuing all differences, authentic power , and imagination beyond the 5 senses. It is the irresistible experience of the sacred and the divine.

5- Cohesiveness: a new culture for humankind requires cooperation and collaboration. The material plane demands actions, synergie, teamwork. Cohesiveness allows for profound results directed towards the wellbeing of all, efficiency and sensitivity. Tapping into our global wealth, the profound abundance available to all of us , requires unity and equity, also knowns as fairness or balance.


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