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On the Symphony of Life

A problem arises when we have what we do not want, or we do not get what we want. Our past scars and pains are the problem we all share: therefore, we look for solutions to fix it.

We think the only way to solve our problem inside is to look for a solution outside. We look for things outside of ourselves (love, money, travels, parties, food) hoping that one day, we will feel good. It is true that something new will distract us for a while, but not for long.

No one looks for things for the things themselves but for what we think they will make us feel. This is our mistake: we think we want them, but we do not know what we really want. Things can never make us feel joy, happiness, satisfaction, fulfilment, beauty, well-being.

The only way to reach liberation is to let go of our blockages by experiencing them. Then we can let ourselves experience the whole of life symphony of emotions passing through us.


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