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On the Feminine and the Masculine

On this Earth, we cannot have an imbalance and experience joy: neither masculine energy nor feminine energy can dominate. The joy and deep satisfaction we are all looking for can only result from the union of the two, regardless of the gender of the person. Masculine energy is dominant and issues directives, is protective and strong, is geared toward action and results. We all have some of this. Feminine energy is like an ocean, with its power and life-giving qualities. Being totally fluid and malleable, the feminine changes form and expression quickly, going from dead calm to tempestuous, from beauty to danger, from comfort to rage, all in the context of love. We all possess some of this as well.

One energy allows the other to thrive, giving each other the opportunity to exist, to express light and wisdom, like the land allows the birth of a river with its unstoppable flow, forcing it around mountains and reliefs, calling it to hide underground or to plummet through a plain to finally throw itself into the sea and meld with the whole while the land is unknowingly being carved and shaped by the river,


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