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On Responsibility

Responsibility does not mean being the cause of something, does not mean being at fault or deserving blame or praise, does not mean something morally, socially or legally correct or incorrect.

The word responsibility can be used as a context to operate inside of, a gift one bestows on oneself to be operating in a chosen realm. There is no relationship of cause and effect between a context and its content: a context gives access to a specific view of life’s circumstances.

Operating in the realm of victimization involves losing one’s power, as by definition a victim had none, and operating in the realm of being responsible allowed for one’s power to arise. Being a victim allowed one to wallow in misery, while being responsible demands an acceptation of what is and what is not. Being a victim allows for emotions like resentment, anger and hate, sadness and regrets, while being responsible calls for forgiveness and surrender.

The choice is ours.


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