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On New Ideas

Why resist seeing the elegance of the simplicity of it all, if not by fear of the unknown?

Why mock someone who looks for consciousness?

Why ridicule someone who challenges the inherited view of reality?

Why be biting, contemptuous, derisory or sarcastic towards someone who is looking for what we all desire above all, joy, well-being, relatedness, love?

There are three steps a new idea has to break-through:

1. The first one is being laughed at, mocked and turned into derision.

2. The second one is to be accused of being the most dangerous and detrimental idea ever conceived.

3. If this new concept survives those first two steps, then it will become ‘an idea whose time has come’ (Victor Hugo)

We are nothing and everything. We are not a THING. Any identification is an illusion: we are neither a daughter, nor a husband, nor a job title, nor a body, nor money, thoughts, feelings or emotions…

The other side of a THING is something else. The other side of NO-thing is Everything.


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