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On Laughter

I laugh. It seems strange at times and it gets noticed . Sometimes , I laugh so hard ,

IT (consciousness) is laughing me! I am always concerned that people around me will not understand that laughter. And I laugh at that concern.

I laugh when I share about how I reacted to events, death or tragedies included, in my past. I laugh when language is creating the opposite of what you and I want to create.

I laugh existentially: I am so present to being in a movie . And there are time when I laugh at being the movie itself.

I am so present to being you, with no separation. I laugh for you. With you.

I am so present to the illusion of it all , to the play: I laugh with existence.

I laugh with the joy of existence. I laugh every-time I or anyone believe anything to be true. I laugh existentially.

It is never at someone : we are one. I love the game of life.


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