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On Human Tragedies

I posted about Yemen and the tragedy happening there. And then my friends asked a question: what can we do? The question by excellence. The agonizing question. We could go there and help with the existing NGO's, we could give some money, we could even declare war (not really)and try to save those people but the truth is until human beings are transformed and until there is a new culture of love and care on our planet, there will be another crisis. Somewhere. Sometimes. So how I deal with this terrible tragedy is by going on working at deconstructing the ego of human beings and enrolling them into awareness, and forgiveness until they realise that this material world is not what it seems and does not matter as much as other people. Until we all know that what matters is love of ourselves and the other. One at a time. 10 at a time. 100 at a time. Step by step. And I start with people around me.


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