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On Fear

Roosevelt said, ‘The only thing we have to fear is fear itself’ To no longer kidnap us, fear, conscious or unconscious, must be examined. Fear of life, fear of failing, fear of not pleasing, fear of losing everything, not to be loved, to get hurt, to hurt others, to feel pain, not to understand, not to be accepted, not to exist, fear of our power, fear of being dominated, of intimacy, of others, of love, of change … our life is kidnapped by our fears, acknowledged or not. One of our greatest fears is having a bad reputation. This fear can make us act, think, speak like everyone else. This fear can make us give up our dreams and hopes. This fear can make us renounce our beliefs and principles. Osho said, ‘go into your fear. Silently enter into it, so you can find its depth. And sometimes it happens that it is not very deep.’


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