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On evolution and creation

I am overtaken by thoughts about climate change and I needed a context to hold the current global conversation without fear nor dread. The first assertion is that creation and evolution go hand in hand: we are the creator of our reality and evolution ensue from our creation. They are one and the same. Evolution is the process of creation. There is nothing that precedes creation as it comes from nothing. Creation is a condition that allows for the emergence of a possibility. Another way to say the same is that a potentiality becomes a manifestation. The second assertion is that we always reap what we sow. The third assertion is that change causes persistence. Therefore, if we do not make anything or anyone wrong, let go of positionality or judgement, if we do not resist what is, and if we take responsibility, (creating the condition of nothing) the conversation for global awareness and the global awakening to our link to nature, and the earth, will create by itself a transformation in the way we relate to our environment and in the way we act. And therefore, to our environment itself. That potentiality will become a manifestation. I am grateful for all the courageous speakers and actors influencing our awareness so we can all join in this creation. We will reap what we sow.


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