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On Duplicity

I put my house for sale. I got an offer under certain conditions and then it fell through. That is the game. No upset. What was inacceptable is the lack of communication (for 2 weeks) from the real estate agent who justified it and who will not take responsibility for the prejudice this lack of communication caused me. (I moved my entire house in the last 2 weeks!) A friend offered to call the russian mafia (LOL). But everyone has an element of deception. Life is a drama and as a drama, its actors deceive…. Authenticity is when you reach the bottom. But until you do, there is nothing but duplicity all the way down. There is no heart to an onion: only skin. Maybe there are no good people when you follow it to the extreme. The front of the embroidery is perfect, the back has short cuts and is messy…exactly the same for all of us: sweeping the dust under the carpet before the guest comes…everybody plays tricks. Here is the most amazing: I am neither surprised not upset. I am waiting for the next gift from life that will come directly out of this breakdown.


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