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On Dreams, Goals and Hopes

Eternal means no time, as in timeless. Therefore, this is it, right now. Goals and projects are empowering if there are experienced and appreciated in the present through consistent actions: it is not about arriving somewhere but about loving the road we choose to follow moment by moment: it is the future NOW.

Hopes are in the realm of fantasies, creates a false temporality and leads to suffering due to the underlying deprivation experienced in the present. It is the illusion of living as if all will turn out ONE DAY.

Dreams can be as powerful as prayers and intentions and create a reality if we align our life values, principles and commitments with them. They can be an energetical road map for our beingness.

Turn on the light of awareness: joy and love are not something we acquire. Joy and love GET us when we surrender to timelessness. The key is in being aware of being always and only in the moment of right now. We are never going anywhere.


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