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Curriculum Vitae

Sophie McLean
Wisdom Teacher

Born in Algeria, educated in Morocco and France, and with a professional career in the USA and UK, Sophie McLean has had an eventful life. She’s been a helicopter pilot, a teacher, a designer, a relief worker, a war refugee, and a CEO. She’s been shot at, shipwrecked, and widowed. She’s lived on a farm, a boat, a penthouse, and an ashram.


As a wisdom teacher, Sophie has spent decades leading transformational seminars to over 80,000 people around the world, of all ethnicities, ages, religions and social backgrounds – all engaged with the universal existential questions of “Who am I?” and “What is my life about?”


Of her transformational teaching style, Sophie says “I engage people in a rigorous review of their life and a systematic questioning of their conclusions on the basis that without examining our network of ideas, beliefs, social and cultural judgments, and our assumptions about the world, those are transformed into constraints. My interest is in the nature of what it means to be human.”


Sophie’s book The Elegance of Simplicity is a compelling, thought-provoking work of autobiographical fiction, one that communicates life-altering concepts proposing an effortless pathway to awareness. It’s a deeply honest and dramatic story of self-discovery, about what is possible when you take responsibility, own your power, and become one with life.


Sophie McLean epitomizes elegance. She also epitomizes worldly experience, grit, courage, and insight leading to greatness through practicing awareness and transformation.

Curriculum Vitae

2012 - Now

Wisdom Teacher

Self-employed. Access to Awareness™ is a series of practical and profound programs comprised of one-on-one sessions, mentorship, workshops and online programs designed to liberate you from any constraints keeping you from realizing your intentions.

1. United Nations representative on The Commission on the Status of Women’s Hunger Project for Poverty Alleviation, 2016

2. Participated in the United Nations’ 55th Commission for Social Development, 2017

3. Trained the UNDP staff in Burkina Faso, 2018

4. Mentorship and training of private, international clientele.

1994 – 2010

Forum Leader, Trainer, Spokesperson, and General Manager 
Landmark Worldwide

Working for an international company with offices in 52 countries around the world, with a total of 500 employees. Throughout my time in the company, in addition to the accountabilities listed below, one of my main responsibilities was to deliver training, educational seminars to over 80,000 people.

1. General Manager for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, 2008 – 2010

Operations directed from the offices in Tel Aviv, Amsterdam, and London (Responsible for 250 people). Accountable for all staff and leaders training.

2. Centre Manager, Leader, Recruiter, and Trainer, 1999–2007

Washington, DC (2 years): Director (responsible for 60 people), while continuing to perform my duties of trainer.

New York (6 years): Given the responsibility to rebuild the New York center, in the aftermath of the destruction of the World Trade Centers, where the Company offices were previously located. (Responsible for 150 people.)


3. Training in Ontology, 1994–1999

Los Angeles: Training in ontology leading to my being hired as a coach and trainer.


Interior Designer

Interior designer with various customers: the Sultan of Brunei, Royal Family of Abu Dhabi, etc


Managing Director of Oxford Airport

Director of Kidlington Airport & Flying School, company of 800 employees, and management of the sale process.


• Oxford, UK: English Proficiency Certificate.

• Oxford, UK: Helicopter pilot license, Kidlington Airport School.

• London, UK: Interior design diploma, Inchbald school of Design.

• Los Angeles, USA: Training in consulting and in ontology.

• Aix-en-Provence, France : Master I et II Philosophy, Argumentation and Advocacy, Université Aix-


• Paris, France : Diplôme d’université en médiation, Université Assas (Paris II).


• Expert on the design of the ego and specializes in the deconstruction of the automatic unconscious


• Specialization in training, communication, performance, leadership, and conflict resolution.

• Design and implementation of specific educational programs tailored to people of all ages, ethnicities, and beliefs.

• Delivery of seminars and workshops

• Public speaking, keynote speaker, training conferences 

• Training of leaders in the distinction of conscious leadership.

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