Your Soul's Journey

Nurturing Educational Spiritual Transformation

( the N.E.S.T. Course )


A Live Online Course guided by Sophie McLean

From Ego to Essence

"No one can give you the gift of consciousness. You already are it.

But what I can give you is the access to

remembering who you really are."

 Sophie McLean


Is this course for me?



This course is for you if:


  • You have done quite a lot of work on yourself already: seminars, reading, retreats, self-inquiry and more.

  • You have a commitment to be true to who you really are and to connect to the mystery of the Divine.

  • In spite of all this work,  you are still not experiencing the liberation in life that you seek and it can be disheartening at times.

  • But you do not quit because you KNOW there is something extraordinary inside of you yearning to be expressed!



This course is also for you if you are asking yourself some of the following questions:


  • Why is there the feeling of being trapped in the background of my life?

  • What am I supposed to be doing on this earth?

  • What is my mission?

  • How come I am not satisfied?

  • I know there is something extraordinary inside of me that wants to be expressed and I don’t know how to express it!

  • Why are the same patterns repeating in my life? 

  • Who and What am I?

  • What is the point of incarnation?



What will I receive from

this course?​​






On the Level of Being...


  • You will get clear about the design of human beings. 

  • You will be liberated from the constraints of your automatic ego 

  • You will dissipate the mystery of you as a persona and a character. 

  • You will understand why you speak the way you speak, why you act the way you act, why what works in your life works and why what does not work, does not work. 

  • The mystery of the circumstances of your life will disappear

  • You will remember who you really are, and have an experience of you as your essence, you as a soul. 

  • You will develop a mastery of living a spiritual life.

  • Your life will happen inside of the space of love. 

  • The results you will produce will be effortless.

  • You will have faith in the goodness of the universe.

  • Being aware will become a habit

  • Suffering will become optional

  • You will have a newfound ability and capacity to make a difference

  • You will be a full-fledged homo spiritus.



On a Practical Level...


  • Module 1  has 14 Live Zoom classrooms, module 2 has 10 and module 3 has 8, once a week 

  • Over 200-page manual on the design of human beings

  • A map of the journey of the soul

  • Access to recordings of each class session for you to listen to at will, on your own time. 

  • A complete snapshot of your ego.

  • Relationships with the other participants that will support you, delight you, and allow you to practice the bliss of being connected.





How does this course work?



Your Soul's Journey is designed as a 3-Module course


Module 1


The Disentanglement of the Automatic Ego


When you choose to follow the spiritual path, the first step is to get clear about the mechanism of the ego: in other words, you need to get clear about the very design of what it is to be a human being. 


Not taking the time to distinguish the automatic ego means that whatever you learn or practice is the equivalent of attempting to build a castle on quicksand: it will always eventually fall down.


Module 2 


Remembering Who You Really Are


Previously, people that were evolving towards consciousness had to isolate themselves in ashrams, temples, monasteries, caves, or mountains to remove themselves from the weight and the danger of the 'ego world'. 


It is not necessary anymore: Now, we need to be in the world, interested in love and fulfillment. 


Spiritual growth is as necessary as survival was.

Being connected and aligned with your soul allows for harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for life. 

Part II of the course is about creating a profound relationship to the spiritual.


Module 3


Being a Homo Spiritus


It is now time to go out into the world and live your soul's intention: being soul-expressed. 

The last part of the course is designed to practice living a spiritual life.


We will bring the spiritual to your relationship to money, sex, the feminine and the masculine, attachments and identifications, communication, listening, relationships, mission and more.


Paid in Full
(All 3 Modules)

Your Soul's Journey

Zoom Online Course Sessions​

3 Modules

June 12th, 2021- Feb 26th, 2022

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Payment Plan (for Module 1)

Your Soul's Journey

Zoom Online Course Sessions​

14 COURSE SESSIONS (Mandatory)
Module 2: Option for 10 more classes
Module 3: Option for 8 more classes

June 12th, 2021- September 25th, 2022

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First 4 months mandatory to continue on to Modules 2 & 3


What is this

course about?


Do you remember yourself as a child?

You were basically fearless and

naturally willing to be a "yes" to life.


You had an incredible ability to let go of any problem

You were able to move from one experience to another

because you never identified yourself with any of them.


Life was an adventure.


Your Soul's Journey course will allow you to return home,

to let go of illusion and pretense,

and regain your original state:

being soul-expressed.


Life can then be experienced as a gift.






14, 10 and 8 Live Classes: 32 in total

Divided in 3 Modules

Recordings will be available





Live Class Dates:


Module 1 (Mandatory to Move to Modules 2 & 3)

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Module 2 (Optional)

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Module 3 (Optional)

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The course is linear. Sophie recommends that you attend the classes live on Zoom,

or watch the recording of the session you missed before attending the next one. 








If you wish to ask questions or simply be

supported in making a choice, do not hesitate to

book a 30-minute conversation below.

About Sophie McLean



Born in Algeria, educated in Morocco and France, and with a professional career in the USA and UK, Sophie McLean has had an eventful life. She’s been a helicopter pilot, a teacher, a designer, a relief worker, a war refugee, and a CEO. She’s been shot at, shipwrecked, and widowed. She’s lived on a farm, a boat, a penthouse, and an ashram. With a master’s degree in philosophy from University Aix-Marseilles (with specialization in advocacy and social influence) and a Diploma in mediation from France’s leading law school, the University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas, Sophie is an expert in the field of ontology, the study of the essence of being. This eventful life, and years spent on her own mystical journey, has led Sophie to creating her own mission, Access to Awareness, so that she can give away all that she has gained in a lifetime of spiritual growth.


Sophie McLean is the author of “The Elegance of Simplicity: A Wisdom Teacher’s Epic Journey to Awareness." She has worked with over 80,000 people of diverse origins and nationalities and has profound experience and interpersonal skills in the areas of communication, spirituality, and understanding the design of human beings.


Hear From Previous Students

The Course is a work that's deep and like nothing else you will ever encounter on the planet. Deconstructing your ego is the ultimate access to awareness. The opportunity to do this unique and important work with Sophie is intimate and deliciously confronting. I highly recommend it if you want to unearth and gain access moment by moment to being in your soul's essence rather than being run by your ego.  

Love you, Sophie!


Paula, Art Director


Course Agreements

You should consider this course only if you are 100% committed to participating in conversations and are fully committed to being open with yourself and others. This is powerful, revolutionary work that offers the opportunity to experience a deeper realization of who you truly are and fulfill the human being’s evolution towards consciousness.

The following Course Agreements are very simple and have been developed as a result of our experiences. It serves to prepare our participants for a positive experience when taking our course. 


The leader of your course is committed to protecting your emotional security, integrity, and privacy throughout the process and intend to provide you with individualized coaching during the course.


You are responsible for your health and wellbeing at all times: this course is not therapeutic nor psychological in design nor content. 


You agree to respect all individuals at all times and to participate with integrity. 


You are expected to be on time for all sessions, and if not possible, to communicate otherwise in advance. If you decide to leave prematurely, the Organizer is not responsible for the reimbursement of monies.


You agree to honor the payment terms and conditions of your registration.