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Welcome to the Webinar!
3 Secrets on ​How to go from Sleepwalking to Being Awakened

Below, you will learn about the 3 Secrets to go from Sleepwalking to Awakening. In this session, we will dive deep into the transformative journey of awakening and share three powerful secrets that can help you break free from the monotony of everyday life and your unconscious patterns (sleepwalking), to embrace a more vibrant, soul-expressed, aligned existence (awakening). 


Please enjoy the webinar! 

Look below to find out about the next Live Course that guides you from Sleepwalker to Awakened.

With her 35 years of experience teaching over 80,000 students, Wisdom Teacher Sophie McLean will guide you through the disentanglement of your automatic and unconscious ego, and take you on the journey of awakening.

Sophie McLean's Group and One-on-One Courses Will:

◇  allow you to transform your life as you awaken from automatic patterns that you have spent years trying to 'fix' and change.

◇  support you in understanding and disentangling your survival mechanisms that you put together while growing up.

◇ guide you to remembering who you really are.

◇ give you access to your full range of being.

◇  provide you with expert support. Sophie is a master in ego disentanglement and awareness.

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Sophie McLean's Next Live Course

Begins September 16

Weekly Live Calls Saturdays at 12pm EST


Are you feeling held back by your internal limitations and self-doubt? Do you find yourself constantly getting in your own way? It's time to break free from the limitations of your ego and discover a new level of clarity, confidence, and fulfillment.


Sophie McLean will guide you on a journey of soul-remembrance and transformation. Through a powerful, linear technique and personalized guidance, you will learn how to live a life unrestrained by your survival mechanisms, release limiting beliefs, and cultivate deeper and expanded awareness.


Introducing "The Power of Awakening," a life-changing course designed to help you disentangle your automatic ego and unlock the extraordinary potential that lies within you. Through this immersive experience, you'll delve into the four developmental stages that shape your automatic and unconscious patterns, empowering you to break free from their limitations and embrace a life of true soul-expression.


In this course, you will:


1. Understand the Root of Your Automatic Patterns: You will gain a profound understanding of the automatic patterns that have kept you trapped and prevented you from living your fullest life. Identify the subtle and profound ways in which your ego has been holding you back, and learn powerful techniques to disrupt and transcend these patterns.


2. Explore Your Survival Mechanisms at Key Developmental Stages: Embark on a deep exploration of your four developmental stages that shaped the creation and evolution of your automatic and unconscious ego. Understand how each mechanism has influenced your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, and discover the keys to moving beyond their limitations.


3. Embrace Your Authentic Self: Experience the liberating power of embracing your soul essence. Release the masks and expectations that you have imposed upon yourself, and tap into the wellspring of power from your authentic self. Learn to live from a place of alignment with your core values and your soul.


4. Cultivate Lasting Transformation: Equip yourself with practical tools and strategies to disentangle your automatic ego and ignite lasting transformation. Discover how to rewrite old narratives, establish empowering habits, and integrate new ways of being into your daily life.


Now is the time to liberate yourself from the grip of your automatic ego and unlock the profound power of awakening. Don't let another day pass you by without stepping into the fullness of your potential. Enroll in "The Power of Awakening" today and embark on a journey that will illuminate your path to remembering who you really are.


Join a vibrant community of fellow seekers, all on their own transformative journey of awakening. Engage in inspiring discussions, receive personalized mentorship from an expert in ego disentanglement, and find unwavering support throughout your quest for self-discovery.

Click below to register for the course.

This Course is For You If...

You yearn to break free from the limitations of your ego and live a life that aligns with your deepest desires and values.

You feel stuck in repetitive patterns and behaviors that hinder your personal growth and prevent you from reaching your full potential.

You're ready to embark on a journey of delve into the depths of your being to uncover your authentic self.

You're open to exploring the four developmental stages that have shaped your ego and gaining insights into how they influence your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

You believe that true transformation begins with understanding and disentangling the automatic and unconscious patterns that hold you back.

 You desire to live a soul-expressed life, where you can be truly authentic, free from societal expectations and self-imposed limitations.

You seek practical tools, strategies, and techniques to disrupt old patterns, establish new empowering habits, and create lasting change in your life.

You're excited to join a supportive community of like-minded individuals who are also on a path of self-discovery, growth, and personal transformation.

You're committed to investing in your personal development and are ready to take proactive steps towards unleashing your true potential.

If any of these resonate with you, then "The Power of Awakening" is the perfect course to guide you on your journey towards disentangling your automatic ego, embracing your authentic self, and living a life that is soul-expressed. Don't wait any longer to step into the transformative power of awakening. Enroll today and unlock the doors to a new, liberated you.

Testimonials from Previous Students

Donna M.

Love the course, I got my ego and identity with incredible clarity, something I've been working with for decades, and it's due to Sophie's incredible attention to details.


I highly recommend it.


She also took time out of her agenda to give me personal coaching to deal with my break down, without asking for extra money! So generous, her commitment is unbelievable.

Tania B.

 Sophie is a master.

She is a laser sharp mirror for me to see the ways in which my ego gets in the way of my being my clearest expression of my purpose in the world. She is such a stand for people living their purpose and she is laser sharp and rigorous. She does so with compassion, humor, elegance, simplicity and a lazer sharp vision and listening.

To have Sophie’s huge space that she holds to transform thousands of lives around the globe here in an intimate conversation, is a divine gift.

The people in each group are such a contribution. They bring so much love and generosity in their listening and I cherish each one. Thank you Sophie and everyone who has been participating. I say be a YES to the fullest expression of you life- give yourself the gift of this opportunity! You don’t even need to go anywhere, it comes to you!

Paula D.

The Master Course is one-on-one work that's deep and like nothing else you will ever encounter on the planet. Deconstructing your ego is the ultimate access to awareness. The opportunity to do this unique and important work with Sophie is intimate and deliciously confronting. I highly recommend it if you want to unearth and gain access moment by moment to being in your soul's essence rather than being run by your ego.


Love you Sophie!

Video Testimonials from Students

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