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Are You Hearing the Call of Your Soul?

"To hear the call of the soul is to remember that all journeys will lead us back to who we really are."

Sophie McLean

Why is this Course Free?

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On a summer evening when I was 12, I was in our garden, watching my family getting ready to sit down for dinner from afar. In a moment of silence and stillness, I suddenly had an epiphany, as a message imprinted itself on my mind. 

I had and still have a love affair with that country. The colors, from the blue of the sea, the white of the houses

Picture a summer evening in Casablanca, Morocco. I am in my childhood home. And yes, it is as romantic as it sounds. and the gold of the sand of the beach where I used to play. The smells that arose with no warning, from amber and mirth to the diverse spices creatively displayed in the open-air market. The noises of the donkey's hooves on the road, the chant of the man calling for the prayer, the screams of vendors in the street. All was melting into the humming of a very busy city.

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I first realized the cocoon in which I lived, a cocoon built to be soft and secure, was not a reflection of the real world. There was poverty, suffering, misery, and despair, as well as beauty, greatness, spirituality, and joy. 

What happened next is that I awoke to the realization that everything that looked real was, in fact, an illusion.
The message was clear: my mission was to look beyond what I could perceive through my five senses. 


My soul had spoken and, needless to say, I never forgot that moment.

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I ran towards my parents to share with them what I had just understood and got my nickname: the crazy one. But as the years went by, imagine my delight when I discovered I was not actually crazy. What I experienced in that moment was awareness, and what I found out much later was that awareness was the ultimate power. 
Since that moment, my life has been a quest towards consciousness, listening to what wants to happen, listening to the call of my soul.

This course is free for you to take the time to hear the call of your soul and know the delight of awakening to who you really are. 

Your soul is calling you to heal, to play, to fly, and to fulfill on the destiny of this incarnation.  

Listen! Your soul is calling you. 

This course is an opportunity to awaken to what you normally do not want to see.

Answer The Call of Your Soul

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This course uses the book The Elegance of Simplicity, by Sophie McLean, to support you in mapping out your own soul's journey and will guide you towards the revelation of the ultimate, profound, hidden intention of your soul.
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What is the Course About?

When you look at your life as an epic journey, very much like the heroes of mythology, it allows you to receive a gift of courage, inspiration, compassion, and acceptance. It allows you to look at your life as a valorous adventure with the hero (yes, this is you!) as the main character on a path of challenges, victories, twists and turns, and celebrations.

The audio chapters of The Elegance of Simplicity that you receive in the course will guide you in your own journey. This is the story of an encounter between two women: one in search of answers, the other having already completed her spiritual journey. Guìa, the profound, whimsical character in the story, takes us through her passage into consciousness from pre-birth to enlightenment. As the riveting adventure of Guìa’s life unfolds, you will become one with the knowledge-seeking narrator and find yourself on a voyage of discovery into the nature of human beings that will lead you to the source of all we know and perceive. In this compelling book, the ancient art of storytelling is used to communicate life-altering concepts that challenge our tranquilized obviousness and propose a simple and effortless pathway to awareness.​​

What Will You Gain from this Course?

You will not only dare to dream again, but also know that it is possible to realize those dreams.

You will experience a lightness of being, the courage to take 
risks, and be a 'yes' to life.

You will be liberated from the anxiety that you are not doing well in life.

You will know that your soul has an intention 
in incarnating you. 

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  • audiobook chapters from The Elegance of Simplicity

  • personal course work

  • a chart of the soul's journey

  • access to Sophie's Facebook group where you can post, interact and ask questions.

The time commitment of this course is entirely up to you, from 15 minutes to days of contemplation.
21 days is a perfect time to develop a mastery of awareness: the ultimate power. 

Who is Sophie McLean?

Born in Algeria, educated in Morocco and France, and with a professional career in the USA and UK, Sophie McLean has had an eventful life. She’s been a helicopter pilot, a teacher, a designer, a relief worker, a war refugee, and a CEO. She’s been shot at, shipwrecked, and widowed. She’s lived on a farm, a boat, a penthouse, and an ashram. This eventful life, and years spent on her own mystical journey, has led Sophie to creating her own mission, Access to Awareness, so that she can give away all that she has gained in a lifetime of spiritual growth.

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Sophie McLean is the author of “The Elegance of Simplicity: A Wisdom Teacher’s Epic Journey to Awareness." She has worked with over 80,000 people of diverse origins and nationalities and has profound experience and interpersonal skills in the areas of communication, spirituality, and understanding the design of human beings.

Your Course Consists of 21 Lessons

Each Including...

Support Video

Each email includes a video from Sophie McLean with explanations about the topic of the lesson. 
The Soul's Journey Chart
Inspired by the map of The Hero's Journey, we have created our own version called The Soul's Journey. The journey does not begin at birth, it begins when the Divine creates the souls. You will receive this new chart and learn how to apply it to your own path. 
Book Chapters
Each lesson is based on specific chapters from Sophie's book, The Elegance of Simplicity. By the end of the course, you will own the entire audiobook!
Course Work
Each email will include optional course work. You can do it at your own pace, in your own space. The course is designed for you to be fully the source of the results you will get.