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The Awareness Process

A Live Online Course

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Course 2: The Remembrance Method

The Remembrance Method

Who am I, really? On Spirituality, Creation, and Language.

Course Description

Previously, people that were evolving towards consciousness had to isolate themselves in ashrams, temples, monasteries, caves, or mountains to remove themselves from the weight and the danger of the 'ego world'.  It is not necessary anymore: Now, we need to be in the world, interested in love and fulfillment.


Spiritual growth is now as necessary as survival was. Being connected and aligned with your soul allows for harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for life.


Spirituality is a journey into self-awareness and self-responsibility.


In this course, you will gain access to the intelligence of the spiritual and its expanded awareness. While operating in the material world, you will gain the wisdom, intelligence, and experience of the non-physical reality.


You will not try to change others or yourself anymore. Instead, you will know that accessing peace is elevating yourself. In looking inward, you will participate in the creation of a new culture for humankind.

From a Participant

As I started to see more people in the streets on my walk yesterday, I could feel my ego kicking in.

You see, people scare my ego and the sight of more "others cleverly disguised as not me's" triggered the spiral of my ego: I am inferior, I am a stupid disappointment, I am a vicious, hideous volatile man, and I am not important so why don't I become a brilliant problem solver again and be a nice rational guy so that people see how determined I am and keep me around and not hurt me?

I was noticing all this and the hold of my ego growing on me. My chest began to puff up and my posture changed. It was funny. I could hear Sophie's voice over zoom reminding me of how much I smile and how little I talk when I am afraid that people are going to hurt me. I am a sensitive person and even the slightest gesture may hurt me.

So I saw it all coming up and I let the terror of walking outside flow right through me. I did not build up a damn to it and I gave my ego permission to just be itself while I observed and let it scare me. My machine, that marvelous artificial intelligent computer came out and started to interpret people's smiles as threats and reading their minds for me. I started to think of my main character, McGuyver, and how all these people are in my show - imagining what their ego's are saying and what their machine is doing for them. It was a perfect moment. As the light was beaming on us all and warming me up, I became present to the essence that I am.

I am the Nour in space from which the aurora borealis arises, the vastness that leads to clouds parting and the light coming through, the scintillation we feel in the lightning storm, I am the brilliance that makes diamonds shine,

I am the Nour that bounces across the universe, radiating, illuminating and overcoming the shadows and I am Nour with no beginning or end at all. I am the Nour that moves you and nurtures you, stirs you from the inside out.

I am Nour and I am warm and nourishing, I offer all that without asking for anything in return. Not heavy, no discrimination, encompassing all life forms, all beings are finding something to get from Nour, deep into the cosmos, Nour is the universal constant, the only way that things interact with each other, it is the source of it all, light and energy, it is the raw fuel for your cells, the nothingness that makes matter grow and brings things to life, it is scintillating, magnetic and transcends time.

Nour, we all come from it, use it up and shine with it.

Then I imagined children seeing the aurora borealis for the first time, flying in a hot air balloons to see the night starts, running through a field of fireflies, discovering the bioluminescent waters around Puerto Rico... discovering the universe of treasures and their eyes beaming with light of Nour as they connected with these treasures, who they truly are being revealed.

It is clear that my soul intention in incarnating me is that people experience the wonder and mystery of the universe and my mission in life is to help children discover the wonder and treasures of the world.

Sam N.

Course Details




DEC 8 - FEB 16, 2020/21


5:30PM EST TO 7:30PM EST


for 9 live, interactive course sessions

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