Wisdom Teacher Sophie McLean


The Awareness Process Curriculum

A Live Online Course

*Participation in Course 1 is required in order to take this course.


Course 2: The Remembrance Method

The Remembrance Method

Who am I, really? On Spirituality, Creation, and Language.

Course Description

Previously, people that were evolving towards consciousness had to isolate themselves in ashrams, temples, monasteries, caves, or mountains to remove themselves from the weight and the danger of the 'ego world'.  It is not necessary anymore: Now, we need to be in the world, interested in love and fulfillment.


Spiritual growth is now as necessary as survival was. Being connected and aligned with your soul allows for harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for life.


Spirituality is a journey into self-awareness and self-responsibility.


In this course, you will gain access to the intelligence of the spiritual and its expanded awareness. While operating in the material world, you will gain the wisdom, intelligence, and experience of the non-physical reality.


You will not try to change others or yourself anymore. Instead, you will know that accessing peace is elevating yourself. In looking inward, you will participate in the creation of a new culture for humankind.

Course Details



Saturdays and Wednesdays


April 21  - May 19, 2021





(Wednesdays 12:30PM EST TO 2:30PM EST


Saturdays 12:30PM EST TO 2:30PM EST )