The Awareness Process Curriculum

Live Online Courses with optional Certification for Professionals

Together, we can elevate the level of global consciousness and create a new culture for humankind.

What is The Awareness Process Curriculum?

The Awareness Process Curriculum, T.A.P., is designed for anyone looking to expand their awareness and live a life of freedom, peace, and ultimately - more joy.


The curriculum also includes an optional certification for professional and aspiring coaches, teachers, visionaries, trainers, and leaders in the field of human relations who are committed to making a difference by elevating their own level of expertise and consciousness.


The program is divided into four courses. The first course, The Curtain Call Method, is required in order to participate in the complete curriculum. You may choose to just take course 1, or continue on to course 2, 3, and certification. 

T.A.P. will allow you to master awareness through extensive training, teachings, and practices, enabling you to powerfully participate in the creation of a new culture for humankind.

Hear from the students of The Awareness Process Curriculum!

What can you expect from
this curriculum?

 Our commitment to our participants:​

  • You will be liberated from the constraints of your ego 

  • You will make a habit out of 'being aware'

  • You will master the fundamental processes for healing your own suffering and that of others

  • You will have new, replicable tools for dealing with students, clients, and patients

  • You will have a newfound ability and capacity to make a difference in your life and your work 

“Not knowing what Sophie teaches is like driving alone in the dark at night without any light."

- Clive Swersky


Meet the Faculty

Daniela Hess


Daniela Hess, MSEd., CTACC, is a Spiritual Director, Life Coach and Educator with the Radiant Living School. She specializes in leading transformational coursework in Inquiry, Awareness, Spirituality, Meditation, Healing, and Forgiveness practices. 

Daniela co-created the Radiant Living School with her partner, Christopher, and works with individuals, couples, and groups to facilitate inner growth and transformation...

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Sophie McLean


Sophie McLean has travelled the globe from the hubs of civilization to the most remote edges of the Earth in search of wisdom, studying religion, philosophy, Buddhism, brain science… and the tango. Along the way she’s become an expert in Ontology – the study of the essence of being – and an internationally acclaimed teacher of awareness. She also offers one-on-one courses for world leaders.


As a wisdom teacher, Sophie has spent decades leading transformational seminars to over 80,000 people around the world, of all ethnicities, ages, religions and social backgrounds – all engaged with the universal existential questions of “Who am I?” and “What is my life about?” 

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Laurie Lewis


Laurie Lewis is a passionate executive with a demonstrated history of working in the retail, service, and events industries. Her strengths lie in Operations, Coaching, Sales, Team Management, HR, Strategic Marketing and Branding, with a special emphasis on employee and customer experience.


A happy New Yorker for 24 years, Laurie surprised even herself by moving to...

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The Curriculum is divided into 4 Courses

Participation in the first course is required in order to take courses 2-3 and certification.


The Curtain Call Method

Deconstructing the Ego

Zoom Online Course Sessions


SEP 22 - DEC 15, 2020

5:30PM EST TO 7:30PM EST


The Remembrance Method

Living a Spiritual Life

Zoom Online Course Sessions


Jan 5 - March 2, 2021

5:30PM EST TO 7:30PM EST


The Mastery of Life Method

On Practicing & Mastering Awareness

Zoom Online Course Sessions


March 16 - May 11, 2021

5:30PM EST TO 7:30PM EST


(Full Curriculum PLUS Certification)

For Professionals

Zoom Online Course Sessions


May 25 - Jul 6, 2021

5:30PM EST TO 7:30PM EDT


Tools We Will Teach You

We promise these tools will produce a newfound ability and capacity for you to make a difference in your life and your work. ​

The Curtain Call Method
The Deconstruction of the Automatic Ego: Creating 

Space for a Conscious Ego.

For people wishing to be certified: On the Court and in Action

Our Access to Making a Difference in the World and Being

Effective at it. Includes: practices, workshops, open discussions, questions from participants, and personal mentoring from Sophie McLean.

The Mastery of Life Method
The Levels of Consciousness and Access to Moving Up

the Scale in EVERY area of life.


The Remembrance Method

Who am I, really? On Spirituality, Creation and Language.

Includes Workshops.

Do you wish to learn more about

The Awareness Process curriculum?

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Course Agreement


You should consider this course only if you are 100% committed to participating in conversations and are fully committed to being open with yourself and others. This is powerful, revolutionary work that offers the opportunity to experience a deeper realization of who you truly are and fulfill the human being’s evolution towards consciousness.

The following Course Agreement is very simple and has been developed as a result of our experiences. It serves to prepare our participants for a positive experience when taking our course. 


The leader and the coaches of your course are committed to protecting your emotional security, integrity, and privacy throughout the process and intend to provide you with individualized coaching during the course.


You are responsible for your health and wellbeing.


You agree to respect all individuals at all times and to participate with integrity. 


You are expected to be on time for all sessions, and if not possible, to communicate otherwise in advance. If you decide to leave prematurely, the Organizer is not responsible for the reimbursement of monies.


You agree to honor the payment terms and conditions of your registration.

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