The 4 courses: TAP Certification Curriculum

This payment option includes the entire curriculum, which will begin on January 23 with the Curtain Call Method, will continue with the Remembrance Method and the Mastery of Life Course (dates in TAP Course pages), and finally will culminate in the Certification Course September 8- October 27, 2021. 


The certification option of The Awareness Process Curriculum is for professional and aspiring coaches, teachers, visionaries, trainers, and leaders in the field of human relations who are committed to making a difference by elevating their own level of expertise and consciousness.


The program is divided into four segments and all are required for those wishing to use these Methods.

The TAP curriculum will allow you to master awareness through extensive training, teachings, and practices, enabling you to powerfully participate in the creation of a new culture for humankind.

The 4 courses: TAP Certification Curriculum

Course Dates

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