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Ukraine And the Systemic Crisis

What is there to say about the systemic crisis we are going through? And more specifically, what is there to say about the invasion of Ukraine by Russia as the latest in the consequences of that crisis?

As always, many of us are torn and tortured with the question: what can I do? How can I bring healing to the world? Peace on our planet?

You have often heard me say that we are going through an existential shift from Homo Sapiens to Homo Spiritus. Meaning that the reign of the ego, based on our five senses and looking for energy externally, is coming to an end. A new possibility of Homo Spiritus is emerging, still including our five senses but adding the spiritual dimension and being energetically fed (allow me this language) internally.

All birth take place in chaos and pain. The symptoms of the systemic crisis we are going through are agitation, violence, fear, and anxiety.

The systemic crisis is due to the global resistance to elevation, (most people call it change). The turmoil is the consequence of the resistance. We are moving and evolving. We know we need spirituality: in fact, we know we need to mature spiritually, but many are refusing it and fear it. Therefore, we have burst of violence and rage, in our everyday life as well as at the level of nations.

We do not know how cataclysmic the shift will be. Some say that we have already avoided the worst, others say it is still coming. Whatever will happen, and I wish I knew! we must look for healing and elevation, we must look and act towards the wellbeing of all.

I aspire to non-violence. There is no justification for violence, as well as evidence that answering violence with violence NEVER has nor EVER WILL work. If you use the reason of self-defense to justify violence, it will never end. Should I quote Martin Luther King, Gandhi, or Mother Teresa? I think you know already.

And at the same time, I have never been a doormat and always strived to stand against fascism, bullies, forcefulness, and domination.

Here is where I stand:

The probable scenario is that Europe will not know peace for decennia if we do not take powerful actions now: not forceful actions but powerful actions, like full financial economical actions to stop the invader. And to do that, I need to accept the consequences in my everyday life. I might have to be less comfortable, pay more for petrol and prices might soar. I might travel less and have less things. I might have to save more and live simply. The alternative has already been tried: throughout history, we refused to pay a small price (mostly money) when it was needed and have paid a catastrophic price in human life and suffering later.

Our democracy is under attack: if violence is not an option, then the only power I have is to give up my right to my luxurious way of life as a stand to defend it.

So, I am willing to accept the consequences.

Blaming the politicians will not help. They are only an energetic reflection of the population. We always reap what we sow: blame does not fit in any spiritual conversation.

Being ‘anti’ anything will not help.

Being pro-peace, pro-love is the only thing that will work.

We are in a primitive time in our relationship to the nature of reality.

We are all on a path to elevate (there is no resisting evolution): the path towards the very nature of reality is the only path. And to walk that path with ease and grace, my only recourse is to be the change I want to see in the world.

My mantra is to understand the nature of reality: I reap what I sow.

If we all walked the streets with love in our heart and sing the possibility of a loving world, the military would put their weapons down. If we took to the street and sang and danced with flowers in our hair, and a smile on our face, the tanks would turn back.

Let’s be single minded in bringing love to the world.

Let’s not become part of the problem.

Issues are being played out that can teach us valuable lessons: one of them being that we have the power if we unite in our stand for love.

I believe the rising of vibrations is there for all to see, a sign that things are evolving.

The Universe never makes mistakes.

I make myself remember that it is all perfect.


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