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On the pandemic and falling in love with reality

We do not have any control , or at least not much control ,over circumstances. But we do have control over who we are being in the face of those circumstances. We have a choice in the face of what is currently happening: is it going to be a dead time, waiting and hunkering down, hoping for it to pass or is it going to be a time of aliveness?

The later option requires one to dig deep inside ourselves to find the unchanging, the eternal and to connect to the field of consciousness. The later requires to examine our priorities and get ready for a marathon. It requires choosing what is, trusting the universe, falling in love with reality and above all, bringing awareness to every thoughts and actions: are we coming from survival or are we being present?

We are on earth to elevate our consciousness. We do not have a choice in the matter: it is the game. The universe always gives us what we need to fulfill on that elevation, it does not give us what we want. The path is to surrender and listen for what wants to happen: the creation of a new culture for humankind.


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