Online Seminars

“At the core of my practice is an irresistible passion for awareness, fueled by the thought of life’s magnificence yearning to be celebrated.”


Access to Awareness

Free Online Seminars

with Sophie McLean

Led with humor and compassion, Sophie’s profound yet simple teachings have helped countless people around the globe awaken to an immeasurable freedom in their daily lives.

  • Each seminar consists of six weekly sessions

  • Each session is for 60 minutes

  • Sessions are held via ZOOM video conferencing

"I have spent decades leading transformational seminars to over 80,000 people around the world and through diverse experiences and many trainings, I have made the deconstructing of the ego my area of expertise." 


DATES:     Weekly on Thursday
TIME:        7:00 pm to 8:00 pm EST

PRICE:      Free

This online symposium is for people engaged in the field of human relations.

It is designed for coaches, teachers, visionaries, trainers, leaders in the field of human relations or innovators committed to make a difference by elevating their level of consciousness.


This symposium has the specific intention of engaging a group who already have a positive impact in their communities and/or the world and give them access to elevate their level of contribution through sharing, conversing and supporting.


This symposium takes place in connexion with the Awareness Process, a one year certified facilitator program starting at the end of April, designed to give the participants access to master awareness, enabling them to powerfully give it away and participate in the creation of a new culture for humankind.

Sophie's commitment is for her participants (in the symposium or the TAP program) to have access to create their work and their life to express their essential and most profound nature, fulfilling on their role in the evolution of consciousness.

For Professionals engaged in the field of Human Relations.

Symposium for  people engaged in the field of human relations

DATES:     Weekly on Mondays
TIME:         7:00pm to 8pm EST

We all know the extraordinary await within each of us, yearning to be expressed – yet for most human beings it is elusive. Why? Because we are trapped by the ego.

We think our stories and identifications are real, but they are only figments of our survival mechanisms.

This ongoing conversation with Sophie is designed to allow you to be aware of the very design of your ego, leaving you free to create what is possible for yourself and your life. She will dissipate the mystery around the causes of our suffering by uncovering the design of what it is to be human.

This free online event is designed to create a shift in perspective and a pragmatic access to awareness, the ultimate power in our search for consciousness. Sophie draws on philosophy, linguistics, ontology and transformation to lead forward thinking conversations designed to maximize our freedom to be our Self, also called Self-expression.

Join Sophie for this unique opportunity to explore awareness and apply it to all areas of life. This intimate conversation will connect you with the power that arises from letting go of your identifications, the source of all suffering and create empowering context for world events, personal issues and life in general. 

Monday Evening with Sophie

In the words of seminar participants

I thoroughly love participating in Sophie’s engaging and intimate Online Seminars and feel incredibly fortunate to be able to study again with her in such an interactive and contemplative way.

Sophie brings to each conversation vast knowledge, and an open, fluid mind. Her precision coaching in a small and cozy setting allow for incredible connection, learning, insights, and evolution.

This truly is Sophie at her best - a powerful balance of Wisdom & Tenderness - and the Online Seminar format allows for students to pull up a chair, and lean in. Thank you so much Sophie.

It’s a pleasure to sit with and engage with you again. The insights about myself I’ve gleaned in the Online Seminar are absolutely life altering and invaluable.

Thank you.

Note to

  1. Our Relationship: Our relationship will be based on the Socratic method. I am neither a therapist nor a coach. In practical terms, this means I direct the conversation with questions: you alone have the answer, since it is your life. The goal is for you to discover for yourself a new view of life rather than to simply believe what I say. The sessions are interactive.