"If you are not aware of being imprisoned, you cannot imagine what liberation makes available."

Access to Awareness


Intended Results

This course is for you:

  • If you have a great life, not without problems of course, but you have reached most of your personal goals and you are clear about your principles and ideals.

  • If you are someone engaged in diverse existential questions of the order of :what is my life really about? or what is the meaning of it all? or how can I experience full liberation, joy and harmony?

  • If you are yearning for an extraordinary life.


The Master Course will alter your current experience of being alive, resolve some previously unanswerable questions, and make a difference not only to your overall consciousness, but will also allow you to impact the consciousness of your community. 


 Modalities of the Sessions

About My Role

At the core of my practice is an irresistible passion for awareness, fueled by the thought of life’s magnificence yearning to be celebrated.

My life is dedicated to supporting people to deconstruct their ego. What does it mean?

Imagine being in a virtual cage constructed by yourself from a very young age. You know you are imprisoned, but in spite of all your efforts, you have no access to liberate yourself. This is what the Master Course allows for: being free from the constraints of your ego, and remembering who you really are.

I care deeply about my mission and will always respect the personal dignity of each human being.

Our Relationship

Our relationship will be based on the Socratic method. I am neither a therapist nor a coach.

In practical terms, this means I direct the conversation with questions: you alone have the answer, since it is your life.

The goal is for you to discover for yourself your true essence, rather than to simply believe what I say.



Complete Confidentiality

The content of our sessions will never be disclosed to anyone. It is important for your comfort and trust to know that

you can count on my full professional discretion. On the other hand, you are invited to share what you learn with people; this will lend a reality to your work.

Ten Sessions

Each session, except the first, last a maximum of two hours. The first session, in which we will review your life, may last up to three hours. For your convenience, it is best to plan on this extra time.

Sessions are either conducted in person, or if this is not possible, via internet video meeting applications.

Please email to make an appointment for a free introductory presentation.




$9500 for one on one in person or by video conferencing 10 sessions.

Please email me if you have already done some transformational work as I have a special master course for

transformed people.

The Master Course is one-on-one work that’s deep and like nothing else you will ever encounter on the planet. Deconstructing your ego is the ultimate access to awareness. The opportunity to do this unique and important work with Sophie is intimate and deliciously confronting. I highly recommend it if you want to unearth and gain access moment by moment to being in your soul’s essence rather than being run by your ego.