On Manifesting

DATES: February 15, 22, 29, March 7, 21,28   
TIME:   11:00am EST

Sophie will lead this workshop designed to give us access to manifest our desires on the physical plane.

  • Each seminar consists of six weekly sessions

  • Each session is for 70 minutes

  • You will get a recording of each sessions

  • Cost for the six sessions of the seminar is $140

  • Sessions are held via ZOOM video conferencing


Session 1:  Introduction 

We will start the series by understanding what the ego is, how we operate in the world and what is the access to be our self.

Session 2: On Fear and Anxiety  

We will dive into fear, stress and anxiety until we are clear and have an access to be liberated from the ultimate obstacle to  access abundance.

Session 3: On Remembering Who You Really Are

We will  speak about the different dimension we get energy from and the access to peacefulness and perfection.

Session 4: On Money and Materiality

We will tap into our power to create and talk about the paradox of abundance, the law of attraction and wealth.

Session 5: On Manifesting 

We will talk about worthiness, confidence and the steps to manifest your desires. 

Sessions 6: On Love and Gratitude

So much is said about love and so much is misunderstood. We will inquire into our access to blissfulness by examining the power of love and the divine.

In the words of seminar participants

I thoroughly love participating in Sophie’s engaging and intimate Online Seminars and feel incredibly fortunate to be able to study again with her in such an interactive and contemplative way.

Sophie brings to each conversation vast knowledge, and an open, fluid mind. Her precision coaching in a small and cozy setting allow for incredible connection, learning, insights, and evolution.

This truly is Sophie at her best - a powerful balance of Wisdom & Tenderness - and the Online Seminar format allows for students to pull up a chair, and lean in. Thank you so much Sophie.

It’s a pleasure to sit with and engage with you again. The insights about myself I’ve gleaned in the Online Seminar are absolutely life altering and invaluable.

Thank you.

Note to

  1. Our Relationship: Our relationship will be based on the Socratic method. I am neither a therapist nor a coach. In practical terms, this means I direct the conversation with questions: you alone have the answer, since it is your life. The goal is for you to discover for yourself a new view of life rather than to simply believe what I say. The sessions are interactive.

  2. Cost: The six sessions of the series cost $140.00. It is non-refundable.




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