DATES: January 10, 17, 24, 31, February 7, 21   
TIME:   6:00pm EST

Mastering Awareness

This entire serie is offered for $ 15 ONLY and the entire proceed of the sale will go to World Wide Orphans:Worldwide Orphans transforms the lives of orphans and at-risk children by providing access to education, medical care, and psycho-social support so they become independent, productive members of their communities and the world.


Session 1: What is Awareness?  We will start the series by understanding what the ego is, how we operate in the world and what is the access to be our Self.

Session 2: On Love  So much is said about love and so much is misunderstood. We will inquire into our access to blissfulness by examining the power of love.

Session 3: On Fear  It is essential to understand the role fear plays in our life to be left with the possibility of conscious choice.

Session 4: On Creation and Evolution  We will tap into our power to create and talk about the paradox of freewill, Karma and destiny.

Session 5: On Spirituality  This session will take us to the world of dogmas and the difference between believing and faith.

Sessions 6: On Existential Boredom  How does one live a fulfilled life? This session will give us access to experience life as a game and to be the creator of our games in life.

In the words of seminar participants

I thoroughly love participating in Sophie’s engaging and intimate Online Seminars and feel incredibly fortunate to be able to study again with her in such an interactive and contemplative way.

Sophie brings to each conversation vast knowledge, and an open, fluid mind. Her precision coaching in a small and cozy setting allow for incredible connection, learning, insights, and evolution.

This truly is Sophie at her best - a powerful balance of Wisdom & Tenderness - and the Online Seminar format allows for students to pull up a chair, and lean in. Thank you so much Sophie.

It’s a pleasure to sit with and engage with you again. The insights about myself I’ve gleaned in the Online Seminar are absolutely life altering and invaluable.

Thank you.

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