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✔️ You’ll personally both master awareness and profoundly deconstruct the structure of your own ego, and learn to  do the same for others, using 3 Methods:

  • The Curtain Call Method

  • The Mastery of Life Method  

  • The Remembrance Method


✔️ You will learn to confidently make a real pragmatic difference in the life of your students, clients or communities, knowing that you are giving away what you have personally experienced.


✔️ This is not a ‘work by yourself’ training. Instead, this is a highly interactive training with live classrooms. If you wish to be certified in the Awareness Process, another 2 months of training is offered at the end of the first 3 months of general training.


✔️ You get to choose whether to be certified or not!


✔️ There are no prerequisites for this course other than the irresistible desire to contribute to the global elevation of human consciousness.


✔️ Sophie McLean is leading the entire course inside of her commitment to giving away her experience and her wide education.

Sophie McLean has traveled the globe from the hubs of civilization to the most remote edges of the Earth in search of wisdom, studying religion, philosophy, Buddhism, brain science … and the tango.  Along the way she’s become an expert in Ontology – the study of the essence of being – and an internationally acclaimed teacher of awareness, and personal transformation.








With skyrocketing anxiety and stress throughout the world, the need for skilled, competent, sensitive coaches, trainers, educators, teachers in every community is even more essential than ever before.


The promise of the course is simple:


We promise our participants they will have access to create their work and their life to express their essential and most profound nature, fulfilling their role in the evolution of consciousness.



✔️ This training will teach you three unique processes that are pragmatic, effective, and transformative:

  • the Curtain Call Method

  • the Mastery of Life Method

  • the Remembrance Method

✔️ Our innovative online course covers all of the essential components of a facilitator training

✔️ What will make you an extraordinary facilitator is your personal experiencing of being liberated from your own ego. After all, one can only give away what one owns. Then you will learn to do it for others.

✔️ It is very challenging to learn something without interaction and the ability to ask questions of an expert guide - our course eliminates this challenge by having Sophie Mclean available for teaching and support:

As a wisdom teacher, Sophie has spent decades leading transformational seminars to over 80,000 people around the world, of all ethnicities, ages, religions, and social backgrounds – all engaged with the universal existential questions of “Who am I?” and “What is my life about?”



Yes! At the end of your training, you will have the option to be a certified facilitator by registering for an extra 16 online sessions of personal training and monitored exercises. At the end of it, you will be able to begin teaching and coaching at any time, in any environment.


Your course consists of:

✔️ Study hours, including reading manual & textbooks, online zoom calls, and transformational conversations.

✔️ Practice teaching with your fellow students online and a friend/family member in person

✔️ Once you have completed the basic course requirements, and the certification, and demonstrated your teaching skills with some video in-person coaching, you will then have a final interview with Sophie Mclean or an educator and, should you pass, you will be a certified Access to Awareness Facilitator! 





Sophie McLean is an internationally acclaimed expert in teaching awareness, mediation and the personal transformation of leaders. She has worked with people of diverse origins and nationalities and has strong experience and interpersonal skills in the areas of communication, leadership and conflict resolution.

With two master’s degrees in philosophy from University Aix-Marseilles (with specialization in advocacy and social influence) and a Diploma in mediation from France’s leading law school, the University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas, Sophie is expert in the field of ontology, the study of the essence of being. She is the author of “The Elegance of Simplicity: A Wisdom Teacher’s Epic Journey to Awareness” (2019).

Of French nationality, Sophie was born in Algeria and raised in Morocco until 1979. She lived in England from 1980 to 1994, where, among diverse professional experiences, she managed Oxford Airport, business aviation, education, charter, and maintenance facility north of London and home to Oxford Aviation Academy, the largest air training school in Europe and, at the time, the second busiest airport in the UK for aircraft movements after Heathrow. While there she obtained her helicopter pilot license.

From 1994 to 2012 Sophie lived and worked in the United States (Los Angeles, Washington DC, New York) as a Landmark Forum Leader for Landmark Worldwide, whose core business is the delivery of seminars and training courses which aim to offer improvements in personal productivity, vitality, communication skills, and decision-making. The organization offers training programs in topics such as leadership, teamwork and public speaking. At Landmark Sophie was a Global Leader and Faculty Member delivering and managing Landmark’s premier training and development programs worldwide. As a Landmark Forum Leader, she led conducted seminars ranging from 200 to 2,000 people in more than 20 countries to a combined audience of 80,000 people. In addition to being a spokesperson for the company, Sophie was a member of the accomplishment team responsible for the overall results of the company, including training, development and business results of leaders internationally in 26 centers in 15 countries and 12 languages, including the management, training, and development of and the integrity of program delivery at the team and center levels. 

In 2017, Sophie was a United Nations representative on The Commission on the Status of Women’s Hunger Project for poverty alleviation and participated in the United Nations’ 55th Commission for Social Development.





✔️ Teachers, coaches, trainers, facilitators, who are home right now and seeking training in the ability to master awareness

✔️ Parents who are home right now who long to train in Awareness so you can offer this essential education to your family members and those you are in quarantine with

✔️ Anyone at home amidst the current national emergency, who is seeking ‘what is next?’ for my personal or professional life

✔️ Anyone who has longed to deconstruct their ego yet never had the spaciousness in their life to devote their attention to an in-person Certification

✔️ Busy working professionals home right now who have been seeking to find a way to offer the education of Awareness to others as a means of supporting the mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing of others



We will be bringing you and your classmates online with videos and reading and conversation in a group 


Once the program is full and classes are started, we’ll close registration.


We request you participate live as this is our main area for Q&A. If an emergency should arise, you will need to communicate and watch the replay of the missed session. You cannot miss more than 2 live sessions and be certified.

Each of these classrooms is different AND THE DESIGN OF THE COURSE IS LINEAR. If you miss one classroom, you will need to watch it before the next one. We will continue to support you throughout




✔️ Personalized attention from our leader and our educators both in our live sessions and in our group - ask all your questions, every day if you’d like

✔️ Online, live taught, zoom classrooms  -  Hours of interactive instruction (or watch the replays)

✔️ Support for you, your practice, and your business during and after

✔️ Connection with others in the calls and opportunities to practice teaching with each other



There are many key reasons why online training may be a great fit for you:


Your Manual - we’ll be mailing you our comprehensive Awareness Process manual


✔️ Certification from Access to Awareness llc, finish the 3 months original course and then choose to do the next 2 months if you want to be certified . 

✔️ Lifetime access - you can come back and review and retake any lessons or practice sessions you’d like. The materials are yours, and you’ll be surprised at what else you can learn when you retake modules.

✔️ Online delivery of course is exploding - numerous teachers are trying to adapt their ways of teaching to the necessities of this time, yet they are not successful because online teaching is entirely different. With Sophie’s training, you’ll be highly skilled at teaching online as well as in person.


✔️ You’ll develop deep friendships, and a global network of support, as your fellow students, may be signing up from all over the world



Commendations for Sophie McLean include the following accolades:


“Sophie McLean has supported me with her expertise and skills and has enabled me to succeed with key projects related to advancing sustainable development in developing countries around the world for my department in the United Nations. With regard to assessing the quality of Mrs. McLean’s work as a senior management consultant, I would rank Mrs. McLean among the top consulting firms.”

Charles Ian McNeill, Ph.D. Senior Advisor, Forests & Climate, UN Environment

“Without a doubt, it’s impossible to match the excellent of Sophie McLean’s skill and expertise as a consultant who provides training in the areas of innovation and communication. She is an extraordinarily effective trainer with an unparalleled degree of ability in these areas.”

David Allyn, PHD, New York

“Ms. McLean is a globally recognized leader in executive education, conflict resolution, and performance dynamics. Her ability to communicate the challenging and intricate distinctions that allow for productivity, creative thought, and innovative solutions are nonpareil.”

Mark J Vizioli, Omega Alpha Counseling, New Jersey


“Knowing Sophie has been like witnessing a rare and highly skilled physician, in that she is able to diagnose and identify – with laser precision – what the root cause of the ‘problem’ is in any highly charged setting or circumstance. She is able to then implement her signature methodology that allows for the resolution, healing, and transformation of the underlying causes of the original conflict and afflictions. The methods Sophie brings to her clients, once imbibed, are repeatable, which is where her initially fast-acting methods become long-lasting, so individuals and organizations can be self-sufficient and continue to evolve and grow.”

Daniela Hess, co-founder, Yoga Farm, Lansing NY

“I have also been moved by her compassion and generosity to give of herself and stand for nothing less than a client creating breakthrough results. In view of the above, I recommend Ms. McLean, for any initiative or program aimed at utilizing her mediation skills and multi-sector large scale facilitation skills.”

Ms. Metsi Makhetha, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in Burkina Faso



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