Access to Awareness


“I am clear my mission in life is to contribute to the creation of a new culture for humankind, one of awareness and consciousness.”

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Who is Sophie McLean

I am a French citizen born in North Africa and educated at English and French universities. At the age of 33, I experienced a profound transformation that radically altered the course of my life and it marked the beginning of my spiritual journey. 


I have since spent decades leading transformational seminars

to over 80,000 people around the world and through diverse experience and many trainings, I have made the deconstructing of the ego my area of expertise.

What is Access to

Access to Awareness™ is a series of practical programs comprised of one-one-one sessions, workshops and conferences designed to liberate you from suffering and from the constraints and the illusion of the ego.

What You Will

“Each individual I work with leaves

with clarity about their ego as well

as the practical tools needed to pursue

the extraordinary.” 

We all know the extraordinary awaits within each of us, yearning to be expressed – yet for most human beings it is elusive. Why? Because we are trapped by the ego. We think our stories and identifications are real, but they are only figments of our survival mechanisms.  


Access to Awareness programs are designed to allow you to be aware of the very design of your ego, leaving you free to create what is possible for yourself and your life. 

People report having both clarity about what matters to them and having gained access to producing extraordinary results, thus transforming their experience of being alive.


To learn more about this process and how I came to it, look for the book of my teachings, “The Elegance of Simplicity.”

“I get no greater joy than serving the human spirit by bringing

about awareness.”

How Sophie Works

I dissipate the mystery around the causes of our

suffering by uncovering the design of what it is to be Human.  If you are not aware of being imprisoned,

you cannot imagine what liberation

makes available. 

I engage people in a rigorous 

review of their life and a systematic questioning of

their conclusions on the basis that without examining

our network of ideas, beliefs, social and cultural

judgements, and our assumptions about the world,

those are transformed into constraints.


My work is designed to create a shift in perspective

and a pragmatic access to awareness which produces breakthrough results. I draw on philosophy,

linguistics, ontology and transformation to lead

forward thinking conversations designed to maximize

your freedom to be your Self, also called Self expression..



“At the core of my practice is an irresistible passion for awareness, fueled by the thought of life’s magnificence yearning to be celebrated.



What People Are Saying

Sophie McLean is the most skilled and experienced mediator/facilitator/strategic planning expert/mentor/consultant that I have worked with. And after more than 20 years with UNDP, I have worked with a great many experts in these areas as we have created and strengthened teams throughout UNDP.

Charles Ian McNeill, Ph.D, Senior Policy Advisor

Environment & Energy Group, United Nations Development Programme, US

It has been my privilege to have known and worked with Sophie for many years and to have benefited from her vast experience as a leader, counselor and inspirational speaker. Sophie excels at empowering people to be the leaders that they want to be and to underpin leadership with a set of invaluable skills and strategies.

Brendan McNutt, Managing Director, Bryn Melyn Care, UK

Mrs McLean, remains one of the few ‘consultants’ and ‘facilitators’ of large scale multi-sector groups, that I know with proven expertise to generate quick and sustained results at both individual and organizational levels. In this connection, I can confirm that the Executive Consulting that I have received and continue to receive from Ms. McLean, has enabled me to be an effective leader with both my teams and my peers.

Ms. Metsi Makheta. UN resident coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative Burkina Faso.

Like most people, I grew up with a set of cultural ideas limiting my world view.

These specifically limited what was possible for myself as a professional woman. I was constrained. Once those filters were gone thanks to Sophie McLean. I gained a new perspective on my relationship with the world, with people around me and even with

myself, which allowed me to reach a new level of efficiency and performance.

Lamia Berrada, Présidente du Directoire,, Morocco